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Laser Dentistry

At Cosmic Dental World, we are dedicated to providing your child with the most comfortable and effective dental care possible. That's why we are proud to offer laser dentistry services, utilizing the revolutionary Solea laser technology. This state-of-the-art approach allows us to deliver efficient, precise, and virtually pain-free treatments, transforming the dental experience into one that is less daunting and more enjoyable for your child.

Dreading going to the dentist is a thing of the past.

The Solea laser takes the drill, the needle, the noise and the pain out of dental visits.

Pain and Anxiety Free

At Cosmic Dental World, we utilize the cutting-edge Solea laser technology to provide a virtually pain-free dental experience. This means no drills, no needles, and therefore, no anxiety for our young patients. Our aim is to transform the perception of dental visits from daunting to comfortable and even enjoyable​.

At the Dentist
Child Friendly Approach

At Cosmic Dental World, we believe in creating a positive dental experience for children. The use of the Solea laser contributes to a pain-free and precise treatment, making dental visits a less intimidating experience for our young patients.

Gentle on Tissue

Our laser dentistry approach prioritizes the protection of your child's soft tissues. The Solea laser minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding tissues, which in turn lessens post-procedure discomfort and the risk of bacterial infections​.

Smiling Kid
Tooth Exam
Improved Healing

The use of the Solea laser in our dental procedures promotes better healing of both soft and hard tissue, helping to eliminate scarring and promoting tissue regeneration. This means faster and more comfortable recovery for your child.

Precision and Efficiency

The Solea laser allows Dr. Sako to perform precise and efficient procedures. This efficiency not only improves the quality of care but also significantly reduces the time spent in the dentist's chair, a benefit that both children and their parents can appreciate.

Cavity Check
Orthodontic Checkup
Minimized Aerosol Spray

Laser dentistry at Cosmic Dental World keeps your child's health at the forefront. The Solea laser minimizes the spray of bioaerosols during dental procedures, reducing the risk of bacterial and viral infections.

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No Pain, No Drill, No Needle

The Solea laser allows us to perform a wide array of procedures, including cavity removal, gum disease treatments, and canker sore treatment. By using the Solea laser, we aim to speed up the treatment process, reducing the time your child has to spend in the dental chair, and making their experience as comfortable as possible​

At Cosmic Dental World

Experience the benefits of laser dentistry for your child at Cosmic Dental World. We invite you to schedule your child's appointment with us and see how our innovative use of Solea laser technology can make their dental visits a more comfortable and positive experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your child maintain a healthy smile in a welcoming and anxiety-free environment.

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